Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: HANA-KIMI

Title: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Also Known As: Hana-Kimi (Japanese Version)
Languagae: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-03 to 2007-Sept-18
Air time: Tuesday 21:00

Status: This drama is currently airing and already on Episode 4
Main Casts:
Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki
Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi
Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu Shuichi

Episode Titles
Ep 01:
Getting into the Forbidden Boys' Dormitory
Ep 02: Wrong Kiss
Ep 03: Bizarre Big Brother
Ep 04: Watch Out for the Three-Person Room


The story begins with Ashiya Mizuki arriving at Osaka as a first year transfer student from the United States. As she settles in, an accident reveals her identity to Umeda Hokuto, the school doctor, and Sano Izumi. Izumi hides his knowledge of Mizuki's sex and tries to help her keep her secret.

The plot is usually filled with humor and situations that put all characters involved into uncomfortable places, or at least places they wouldn't have thought they would have entered on their own. Additional characters include Shuichi Nakatsu, a fellow student who is confused over his attraction to Mizuki which often drives the plot forward and Minami Nanba, the R.A. of the dorm to which Sano, Mizuki, and Nakatsu belong.


This is my first Japanese Drama and it was a bit uncomfortable at first since I'm used to hearing the Korean Language already but as I watched the first episode I find it funny and interesting --- it's so alive... the music... the sequence of the story... you won't get bored totally instead you will laugh your heart out. I'm stuck in watching Coffee Prince (KDrama) and thru the comments from other viewers, I've been seeing "Hana-Kimi" thru every comment which made me curious. I saw the trailer of the Taiwanese version of Hana-Kimi and I find the Japanese version more exciting plus the casts as well I like them all so I decided to watch this instead but unfortunately it is still airing so I have to wait till September for the complete drama... I've watched episodes 1 to 4 and believe me... you'll never take your eyes off the screen. I love this drama!

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